Rosalind M John

Rosalind M John is a Professor of Epigenetics and Head of the Division of Pathophysiology and Repair at Cardiff University. She received her PhD from Imperial College, University of London and trained at University of San Francisco California, Stanford, USA and Cambridge University.

She has a 20 year track record in the epigenetics of fetal and placental development using both mouse models and, more recently, human samples, to study the relevance of genomic imprinting, and how gene dosage may be influenced by environmental factors mediating short and life long phenotypic outcomes. She is an expert in the generation of BAC transgenic mice (Phlda2, Cdkn1c and Ascl2) and also the use of loss-of-function models (Cdkn1c, Phlda2 and Peg3) to gain insight in the relevance of controlled gene dosage. Her group have reported phenotypes affecting fetal growth, placental development, metabolism and, most recently adult behaviour. She is part of the GW4 Epigenetic network, the ESRC InterSTELA network and Genomics England GeCIPs (Genomics England Clinical Interpretation Partnerships) subdomain Imprinting Disorders: Epigenomics, Aetiology and Stratification, or IDEAS).


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