Gavin Kelsey

After completing a Ph.D. in the Genetics Department at University College London in 1987, I did post-doctoral research at the German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg. 

I returned to the UK in 1995 to set up my own group at the Babraham Institute, where I am a group leader in the Epigenetics Programme. Since 1995, I have had an interest in imprinted genes.  An early focus was the development of screens to identify imprinted genes, followed by investigation of their functions, using large-fragment transgenesis and knock-out approaches, and these studies revealed roles for imprinted genes in post-natal adaptations, adult metabolism and behaviour.  The recent work of my group has been directed to understanding how epigenetic marks are established at imprinted genes, and in the genome generally, during gamete development, and how such marks are maintained or remodelled in the embryo.  In pursuit of these questions, we have developed methods to enable us to profile epigenetic marks genome-wide in small numbers of cells, even in single cells.


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