The purpose of the Workshop is to present and discuss the latest discoveries in the field of Genomic Imprinting.

Genomic imprinting is an important epigenetic process, widely recognized in mammals, which affects a small but significant subset of genes. It results in differential, monoallelic expression according to parental origin, which may be limited to specific tissues and at specific developmental stages. Genomic imprinting represents an ideal model system to investigate the epigenetic regulatory machinery and for understanding the contribution of epigenetic mechanisms to developmental and physiological processes.

The Workshop aims to examine fundamental aspects of genomic imprinting, including the latest advances in understanding of imprinting mechanisms, as well as the function of genomic imprinting across physiological domains, particularly in brain functions.


  • Anne Ferguson-Smith - UK
  • Gavin Kelsey - UK
  • Anthony Isles - UK
  • Valter Tucci - ITA

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